A fundraising partnership between CMHA and Global Okanagan

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The coronavirus pandemic is causing stressful and anxious times right now, with COVID-19 threatening lives and livelihoods.

In addition to health concerns, a professor of psychology at UBCO said it’s important to focus on mental health aspects as well.

“In May, the United Nations warned of an impending global mental health pandemic,” said Lesley Lutes.


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In fact, in B.C., Lutes says research shows a comparable COVID-19 crisis in terms of mental health.

“The average British Columbian was reporting a decline in mental health, a significant increase in symptoms of anxiety and especially distress as the pandemic started,” said Lutes.

“And as this wears on, the data shows that not just in Canada, but globally people are the lowest levels of well-being in history.”

The executive director of the Kelowna branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Shelagh Turner, says the pandemic has put people under incredible amounts of stress.

In order to invest in mental health as the United Nations has suggested, Global Okanagan has teamed up with the local branches of the CMHA.

CMHA and Global Okanagan will be providing mental health matters tips — these are tools you can use to better cope with stress and anxiety during these difficult times.

There will also be a one-day online fundraiser for the CMHA on Monday, Sept. 21.

Money raised will go to CMHA programs and services across the Okanagan.

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