Brevard County flattening COVID-19 curve

Brevard County’s top health official says the Space Coast is not only flattening the coronavirus curve, but starting to send it downward.


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The 50 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Brevard County on Thursday represent a continued trend in the right direction.

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“The trending in our county, looking at August compared to July, has done tremendously better. We’ve actually flattened our curve and put it a little bit on the downward trend,” Maria Stahl with the Florida Department of Health said.

Lately, Brevard’s daily case count has been around 25 to 50. In July, the numbers were well over 100 a day, and even exceeded 200.

“Everyone in Brevard County has done a tremendous job with the facemasks, the social distancing, and avoiding crowds,” Stahl said.

The county’s latest positivity rate was around 4%, which suggests a slower spread of the disease.

Stahl says herd immunity is achieved when 80% of the population is immune, but even a 50% to 60% immunity rate is very good.

The county and state are nowhere near those levels and won’t be until a vaccine is available, she says.

Stahl is not a big believer in the new rapid-response tests because, she says, there is only a 50-50 chance that a negative result on a person with symptoms is accurate.

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