I read with interest guest columnist Jonathan Joseph’s recent op-ed (“What Tennessee can do to address infant and maternal mortality rates”) and agree with him that “too many infants are dying” in Tennessee. 

I was pleased to see Mr. Joseph noted my authorship of the NEWBORN Act, which addresses these issues in a systemic fashion, and the success the Memphis BLUES program is having addressing these issues in Shelby County.

As a founding member of the Black Maternal Health Caucus, I am keenly aware of how this pandemic is impacting communities of color.  I also want to bring to your attention my co-sponsorship of a measure addressing infant and maternal mortality during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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The Maternal Health Pandemic Response Act, introduced recently, will focus on these issues and address the gaps in care disproportionately affecting Black Americans.

I want to thank The Tennessean for calling attention to this critical national disgrace and the immediate need to address it.

Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, Member of Congress, 9th District, Tennessee


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